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Analysis of clients needs

At our company, we take  NVIDIA GPU , Odroid  or even Rasberry Pi 3 and create AI analysis  sensors to recognize  and classify objects. We ready to implement any customers ideas to plain metal (usually we deploy to ARM). We can create video classifiers?. Anything what clients want will be done. We apply modern edge API: Tensorflow, Keras, Horovod to train CNN  and RNN  models in heterogeneous environments ( Windows, Linux,  ARM or X86 CPU , NVIDIA GPU ) for OCR or image,video  recognition in real time from any type of camera. We are committed to providing  the services to secure property, yards or even  traffic  control, in real time. Developed customized solutions in Python train Neural Networks for clients. Used Keras, Theano and Tensorflow to train CNN (Convolution Neural Networks) models. We do image processing by OpenCV . Solutions can be deployed on any cloud . Here is a example : http://aicams.ca of our software on ARM computer. We sell ARM based cloud clusters with python packages with pre-installed Tensorflow , Horovod APIs 

Perfect 1080p  resolution camera

Visual API creation and neural network training.

  1. The Real-time nudity detection API Easily moderate and filter adult content in photos.
  2. Detect children, teenagers and babies automatically. Blur kids faces.
  3. Moderate and filter inappropriate and violent images and videos. Detect guns and fire arms.  Detect alcoholic beverages

All API can be install onsite and deployed on any platform and language.


Quality Guaranteed

AI cameras and AI software can be hard to keep up with. That's why our goal is to provide our clients with high-quality visual analytics. No matter the discipline or type of data, we take pride in providing professional results. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work. We provide a unique unit of work for surveillance cameras with autonomous (no PC required) AI (Artificial Intelligence) software based on ARM processors.  See how application works in real time: click here

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Rasberry PI + camera

C$ 160.00

(C$ 10.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This price include Rasberry PI in case with embedded indoor camera with fan and AI web server.


I'd like to introduce you a  nice application for security and traffic control purposes . This application can recognize objects of interest like persons cars , cats, dogs and accumulates statistics about every object founded on screen. This app. build as web service with UI allowed to access founded objects (persons,cars) in specific time slot. On UI its display chart of founded objects. This app could be used as traffic pattern analysis on crossroads o software for standard security cameras. 

About us


Privacy the first

 Companies working on smart cameras say they are developing and designing the technology responsibly. We stand to secure data stored or transmitted by a device. Processing images locally, on device offering privacy benefits over more conventional models that send everything to the cloud.


What makes us differ from others is that our AI device may work together with any cloud and can recognizes locally on an embedded device. It's up to clients how to use it locally or on cloud. We deploy on any cloud which client wants. Digital Ocean is our preference


Generate excitement

Imagine small device which placed in your palm can track objects of your interest or recognize faces of your choice.


Close the deal, bottom line

Our solutions less then 200 CA$. We do  installation on customer premises. After installation our web service can be reached  24/7 (optional) on cloud: example. Or directly to clients public IP address. Your personal data (images) will be   locally on ARM embedded device, Some configurations required to connect device to camera. Device can connect to any IP Camera  in Ethernet or Internet. By default no  internet access required.

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Artificial Intelligence Vision with IP cameras and Rasberry PI , Odroid xu4, Nanopc t3

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